Sunday Revue: good news!

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

What worked

  • getting up at 6 every day
  • ablutions at 9 so I got into bed at 10.15
  • tapping (EFT)
  • Must Do/Could Do list
  • 15 minutes in the morning of going through my photos
  • sitting with my worries about a big change

Next time I might

  • ablutions at 9 every day!

The Hard

  • my hands hurt from a lot of intense mouse-gripping at work
  • double work because some key information was not communicated to me at the start of a project
  • worries about possibly moving

The Good

  • my partner got a job!
  • we don’t have to move
  • I danced along with Irina Akulenko’s Diamond Cut – it’s really good and challenging
  • new releases from Datura Online
  • had Monday and Tuesday off
  • going through my photos and finding lots I can use for my Redbubble store and photos I can – dum dum DUM – alter artistically!
  • finishing my new user picture (more on that later)