Welcome, July


I write a Monthly Passage, which I learned from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self, to let go of last month and enter the new month with intention.

What worked in June

  • recognizing my patterns
  • waking up at 6am every day of the week
  • writing down my accomplishments
  • dancing
  • tapping (EFT) on visibility and enforcing barriers
  • following my resistance to its source
  • discovery writing
  • 15 minutes
  • 40-20 rule on the weekends
  • Neat Bee (nip it in the bud), especially with dishes and junk mail
  • having a Must Do/Could Do list
  • doing simple Feldenkrais exercises from Anat Baniel
  • massaging my toes
  • eating half a muffin with yogurt for breakfast
  • prioritizing sleep

Next time I might

  • adapt the 40-20 rule to weekdays
  • get ready for bed at 9

Qualities I want
Progress. Fun. Creativity. Bold. Courage. Care. Flow. Receive.

Things I’m working on

  • keeping up sustainable habits and not abandoning them, because I know they work!
  • prioritizing art and my blogs
  • remembering the fun

Looking forward to

  • changes at work – it will be interesting
  • my partner may have a job soon
  • my plants getting better now that I’ve been giving them epsom salts for their magnesium deficiency

Asking and hoping for

  • courage
  • immediate gut-knowing

I’m ready for

  • consistency
  • more fun

My Tarot Message is the X of Pentacles. This card is for celebrating! Its meanings include:

  • security
  • abundance
  • lasting happiness
  • comfortable with who we are
  • desire to create a legacy
  • actively living
  • the qualities leading up to celebration: a strong foundation, intense focus, commitment, empathy, being present, foresight, leading by power-with

My Tarot resources are The Tarot Directory and Tarot Teachings.