Sunday Revue: discovery writing

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

What worked

  • Doing The Fun
  • 40 minutes fun, 20 minutes housework
  • separating my to-do list into “Must Do” and “Could Do”
  • writing down my accomplishments for the day – BTW, this includes everything from “studied Italian for 10 minutes” to “swept the entire apartment” to “researched [secret subject] for my webcomic”
  • time alone
  • discovery writing (mentioned by Jen Louden – it is writing about your writing before you start writing it for real)
  • chores after work, not part of my nighttime routine
  • following rabbit holes

Next time I might

  • establish tapping (EFT) after my morning meditation as a habit
  • prioritize art: I let a lot of Time Monsters get in the way of starting a new user pic project (that I know wouldn’t even take that much time)
  • prioritize sleep
  • time away from the computer before bed – do something physical but calming, like knitting or sewing repairs
  • plan every single meal of the week!

The Hard

  • feeling really sleepy
  • feeling bored at work
  • covering for someone at work and it was stressful
  • my partner feeling depressed
  • my hands have hurt every day this week :(
  • Havi’s site is down :(

The Good

  • I debuted new choreography to my class and they loved it :D
  • Jen Louden is focusing on writing just as I decided to prioritize writing (a webcomic, but that’s still writing)
  • my discovery writing has been really great so far
  • since switching from Do The Work to Do The Fun, I feel like I have so much more space and time
  • feeling real progress without having a strict schedule or beating myself up
  • my plants are doing well and I put them outside for the first time yesterday… yes, I am a helicopter mom
  • yummy noms, including an Indian spice blend on chicken & broccolini, mmm