Welcome, April


I write a Monthly Passage, which I learned from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self, to let go of last month and enter the new month with intention.

What worked in March, Month of Pleasure

  • baking blackberry muffins – I didn’t know blackberries turn red when you bake them!
  • reducing or eliminating my to-do list as needed
  • 15 minutes of 4 things per day, 5 days a week
  • asking and being honest
  • dancing
  • recognizing when I’m ready
  • welcoming feelings and desires
  • quitting what wasn’t serving me
  • remembering my monsters’ sneaky methods
  • going ahead with imperfect creations
  • resting
  • nourishing myself
  • remembering I am capable

Next time I might

Qualities I want for April
Health. Rest. Right Ingredients. Boundaries.

Things I’m working on

  • returning to more health/more wholeness
  • speaking up
  • finding the Right Ingredients
  • exploring my relationship with technology

Looking forward to

  • growing in wholeness from this illness
  • warmer weather

Asking and hoping for

  • the Right Ingredients

I’m ready for

  • Glowing Fiercely

Tarot Message
I drew Temperance, card of “combining properly”. It represents:

  • the Right Ingredients
  • balanced, flowing emotions
  • healing
  • merging, connection
  • subtle shifts
  • bridge between mind and body
  • reconciliation of opposites
  • a middle path

My Tarot resources are The Tarot Directory and Tarot Teachings.