Sunday Revue: showing enthusiasm

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

What worked

  • not putting too much on my to-do list
  • showing enthusiasm for stuff I like to do at work
  • accepting Important Intel about future biz plans
  • dancing every day
  • eating yogurt
  • being forceful with my partner about his need to have boundaries

Next time I might

  • not sketch after 10pm because I will be up all night
  • ritualize the very moment I think “I should get ready for bed now”

The Hard

  • cold-hot-cold-hot
  • my partner basically raised his younger brother and so feels a lot of pressure to still do this, even though his brother is an adult

The Good

  • it’s sunny today : )
  • yummy noms
  • watching Rear Window last night
  • receiving my over-arching biz mission in clear terms