Sunday Revue: amazeballs!

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

This week was amazeballs! After my Jen Louden weekend, I felt in my bones the need for a human-scaled life and the fact that there is no super-me in the future who is totally different from Now-Me and will magically Do All The Things.

I also watched a bunch of videos on YouTube at work > : P  They ranged from Extra History to Iterative Drawing – videos that taught me something and made me feel like I wasn’t wasting eight hours of my day being bored. I highly recommend this if you have your own office. Open a private browsing window and go to town (although be aware that the main URL, like “” will still be registered and possibly visible to your boss).

What worked this week

  • watching videos at work!
  • remembering I am a human and I have to deal with human limitations
  • reducing my to-dos
  • having to-dos organized by big time spans (season) to little (day)
  • dancing every day!
  • not deciding
  • stopping when I felt I should
  • being observant

Next time I might

  • listen to the Oasis in my room
  • present concepts to my partner without telling him where they came from, because he is really resistant to listening to other people… what’s important is that he hears the ideas

The Hard

  • lack of light
  • some weird, overly-personal phone conversations I heard at work… just cuz your door is closed doesn’t mean we can’t hear you!
  • my partner has been sick

The Good

  • my partner spontaneously came over and hugged me : )
  • not feeling like I’ve wasted my week at work!
  • learning new things
  • feeling great
  • getting important stuff done
  • I opened a Redbubble store and put my first artwork in!
  • I’ve gotten back to posting regularly on my art blog
  • I danced every day : D