Sunday Revue: feeling numb

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

I felt numb, both physically and emotionally, this week. I don’t know about you, but when the intensity of my emotions reaches a certain level, my coping mechanisms kick in and shut down my emotions entirely. Sometimes this is helpful, but it is always a sign that something is very wrong.

What worked

  • journaling
  • planning
  • taking my time to plan

Next time I might

  • remember I don’t have to decide everything at once
  • receive decisions I’ve already made
  • plan in time chunks (quarterly, monthly, weekly)
  • have just one place to look for my to-dos
  • focus
  • plan backwards

The Hard

  • money worries
  • boredom
  • numbness
  • bitter cold

The Good

  • my family has been really supportive
  • I have [x] month’s-worth of expenses saved up, which isn’t as much as I’d like but is still significant
  • new resources
  • getting small things done