Sunday Revue: hot-buttered epiphanies

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

Hot-buttered epiphanies from this week:

  • setting boundaries in all areas of my life is crucial to my well-being
  • my life is a basket (container)
  • I need to exist in an environment of light, ease, and health that supports me so that I can create my best work
  • my Best Environment is more important than earning X amount of money
  • my Best Environment will enable me to reclaim my true nature, which life experiences have beat out of me
  • I have cold hands and feet because I suffer from chronic fear, having grown up in a fearful environment and finding myself in a state of constant low-level stress at my job 8 hours a day
  • what has become normal for me is not good for me
  • I want to make cooking food – providing nourishment – sacred
  • I hold space
  • my own health and happiness is reason enough
  • I am afraid of people
  • a real job doesn’t require you to leave your house
  • Safety First

What worked this week

  • crying
  • journaling a lot
  • meditating
  • not watching any news-related shows at all
  • setting an important boundary
  • following a rabbit hole
  • having a Desire Retreat (an Oasis activity)
  • journaling at the Oasis
  • feeling and appreciating my partner’s support
  • focusing on qualities
  • pausing to remind myself “I’m not afraid right now” when I’m not afraid
  • Havi’s Secret Circle Emergency Technique
  • listening and reading stuff by my digital guides

Next time I might

  • pay equal attention to all possibilities, and know that if I dismiss something for vague or non-existent reasons, pay special attention to that one
  • Neat Bee when I’m at home!
  • get off the computer at 9.30, do stuff to prepare for tomorrow, and then get back on the computer if I still feel like it
  • ask myself “Do I remember my dreams?” right when I wake up, and have some paper and a pen to write anything down

The Hard

  • feeling really hopeless
  • realizing just how long my poor body has had to live with this constant low level of fear
  • many people from zivaMIND reported intense de-stressing the first week – I experienced mine the third week
  • becoming even more aware of the ways in which my environments hurt me
  • forgetting about effortlessness

The Good

  • There Is Plenty of Time
  • feeling supported
  • feeling hopeful, free, and detached
  • appreciating time
  • my partner got a super-cute hair cut and he looks totes adorbs!