Sunday Revue: Feral Cat Day

Before my Sunday Revue, I’d like to mention that it’s Feral Cat Day! I’ve been lucky to have had the companionship of cats my whole life and I donate to Alley Cat Allies every year to further their efforts of action and education to prevent the senseless murder of cats in shelters and improve the lives of cats everywhere.

Now, my regularly-scheduled Sunday Revue:

What worked

  • meditating
  • napping
  • doing less
  • observing

Next time I might

  • do Neat Bee more consistently
  • not code for three hours after work
  • create firm time containers

The Hard

  • my partner continues to be defensive about things and I’m wondering how much worse it’s going to get
  • work was hectic but the actual work I was doing was boring as hell

The Good

  • I can do things over and There is Plenty of Time
  • earplugs exist and I can use them!
  • sunny weather
  • understanding Italian songs a tiny bit
  • making a lot of progress on my practice game
  • whipping up a cute artwork for my zivaMIND review