Sunday Revue: Doing Less

Every Sunday I revue – the fun kind of review – the past week. I base this on the old style Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

I signed up for an 8-day meditation course at zivaMIND and I’ll let you know how it goes next week.

What worked this week

  • meditating
  • Neat Bee! (Nipping It In The Bud)
  • breathing in for 4 counts and breathing out for 6 counts
  • taking breaks
  • doing less
  • listening to the zivaSLEEPS recording each night

Next time I might

  • on the weekend, code in the morning or afternoon – not at night
  • allow twenty minutes for making Italian flashcards – none of this “it’ll only take five minutes” nonsense

The Hard

  • my partner is binge-watching Luke Cage and keeps telling me what’s happening while I’m trying to do things
  • I had mini-headaches almost every day – I think I’m becoming more sensitive to the tightness in my neck and shoulders

The Good

  • I had acupuncture and it was sooooooo niiiiiiiice =u=
  • meditation makes me feel nice too
  • feeling more positive and grounded
  • getting a lot done while not feeling too rushed or over-worked
  • I traded some chores with my partner and now both things are going to get done rather than neither of them
  • It’s October!