Hello, month of Intention

I write a Monthly Passage, which I learned from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self, to let go of last month and enter the new month with intention.

I am in a connection state of mind. This is very unlike me and I’m fighting that perception both from me and from other people, but it’s how I feel. I have two very different communities I want to serve, but the things I want share are things they could both benefit from. (How vague is that, haha.)

Havi’s calendar says September is the month of Intention. The superpower is I Am So Very Clear, and not only do I feel this applies to the specific plan I’m following for [secret things] and my desire for connection, but – and this is scary – I think it will also mean I will be more “clear” – transparent, sharing more.

But as Havi explained about being a panther:

and let the glow be both a beacon to those who need to see you
and a fiery protective field to cloak you from everyone who does not need to see you

I don’t know the practical ways of doing this but I do believe it’s possible.

And also, my Tarot Card of the Month is The Hanged Man, which means letting go – clearing out! – things in my life which no longer serve me.

Now on to my Monthly Passage!

What worked in August

  • doing 10 minutes of things
  • naps and resting
  • journaling
  • honoring my real feelings and forgiving myself for having them
  • growing towards nourishment
  • listening
  • doing Energy of Money exercises
  • practicing Colleena Shakti’s tadasana
  • glowing boundaries
  • remembering All Timing Is Right Timing
  • honoring my desire to connect
  • not shrinking back

Next time I might

  • breathe deeply
  • imagine positive outcomes
  • ask, “Has this worked in the past?”
  • schedule time for tasks I can’t get to every day

Qualities I want for September
Expansion. Fun. Support. Confidence. Connection. Nourishment Is Easy To Find. Readiness. Open to New Ideas.

Things I’m working on

  • figuring out a way to be both visible and safe
  • learning how to program games
  • learning how to make time and space for important things
  • speaking up
  • finding communities

Looking forward to

  • cooler days
  • orange moons
  • having fun making games (because it is really fun!)

Asking and hoping for

  • opportunities to teach more people
  • courage to connect

I’m ready for

  • connection
  • creating