Sunday Revue: full of “no”

Every Sunday I revue (the fun kind of review) the past week. I base this on the (old style) Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

What worked

  • journaling
  • listening
  • going to bed!
  • yogurt & berries for breakfast
  • getting up with my alarm
  • sleeping in today
  • detaching

Next time I might
In Havi’s most recent Chicken, she says:

A breath for prowess and not taking crap, and for endless self-forgiveness when I do because triggered response patterns are ingrained and old and have reasons for having come into existence.

I have been unconsciously beating myself up for not speaking up about unfair things at work and home without acknowledging that my inability to speak comes from how I survived my teenage years. Being silent got me through and I have every right to be scared of speaking up and wanting to avoid conflict.

The Hard

  • being ignored
  • I don’t like my job that much, but it was full of “no” this week – at every turn, just “no”
  • not having enough time
  • knowing that “having time” isn’t actually real but not knowing how to change my paradigm
  • crunching some budget numbers and being unpleasantly surprised

The Good

  • hearing the “no”s loud and clear
  • I will be forgiving myself from now on
  • delicious Indian food for dinner yesterday (and lunch tomorrow)