Sunday Revue: just one, I swear

Every Sunday I revue (the fun kind of review) the past week. I base this on the (old style) Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

What worked

  • cutting down on wheat: eating yogurt and strawberries for breakfast instead of toast
  • going to bed, especially when I’m super tired but I want to read just one more blog post (just one, I swear)
  • letting the thoughts I have about work just pass through my mind
  • amping up my Italian studies
  • reminding myself to listen first
  • getting up with my alarm

Next time I might

  • look at my to-do list every day
  • do small things as I think of them – don’t save them for later because they pile up!
  • plan my lunches and dinners

The Hard

  • feeling angry at work
  • the weather has been hot and stuffy

The Good

  • my partner really supports my Italian studies
  • hanging out with my family and it was nice