Sunday Revue: perceived essence

Every Sunday I revue (the fun kind of review) the past week. I base this on the (old style) Friday Chicken from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self.

What worked

  • letting myself feel sad and then resetting by going to bed
  • getting up with my alarm (not pressing the snooze button)
  • getting up at 9.30 on weekend days
  • journaling

Next time I might

  • start something just to get it started and then leave the rest for later
  • do active things after work

The Hard

  • feeling sad that I can’t work at Company X
  • not tracking my money as closely as I used to

The Good

  • knowing that what I really want isn’t necessarily to work at Company X, but to work where there’s lots of natural light and the company values itself and takes care of itself (the essence of Company X – or rather, the perceived essence I gleaned from browsing their social media)
  • making a mind map of all the possible ways I could make money, and all the ways they cross over
  • Pokémon Go has inspired my partner to get outside more and start walking again
  • my cat was sick but she’s back to normal this week : )