Goodbye, month of Wonder

I write a Monthly Passage, which I learned from Havi’s blog at The Fluent Self, to let go of last month and enter the new month with intention.

June was the month of Wonder in Havi’s calendar, and I wondered at all the great things in my life  and the courage I had to do some big time wandering to a far away place. I wondered at the wandering!

What worked

  • eating lunch in my car
  • feeling my feelings with little-to-no judgement
  • doing 10 minutes of things I need to do
  • doing just one thing
  • being aware of my patterns
  • realizing my job makes me vulnerable, which explains so much
  • being receptive and open
  • experience first, process later
  • listening to my body
  • planning what to do once I got home from work

Next time I might

  • stop rehearsing scenes in my head
  • go to bed!
  • remember there is plenty of time
  • do active things once I get home

Qualities I want for July
Foundation. Harmony. Stay open. Share.

Things I’m working on

Looking forward to

  • new community
  • dance dance dance!
  • time for art again

Asking and hoping for

  • distance
  • courage
  • awareness

I’m ready for

  • getting used to more happiness